Quick Partitioning Tip

So, I still can’t type very well, but I did want to post something that I kind of chuckled to myself about today. This will be a short post, but has to do with beating the system. Okay, not really…because you have to know the system first to beat it…but I still find it amusing.

So I found myself today wondering about which partition might work best for the issue I am trying to “make better” at my current client. The partition contains quite a few mappings (51) and the EAS UI for the creating the mappings is…poor. I hoped to find a way to take an XML export from the Linked partitition and tweak it into a Transparent XML export.

Here’s why I thought it could be possible:

  • There were only 2 references to “linked” in the XML file for the type of partition
  • There was only 1 reference to each of the Application/Database names in the XML file (Source and Target)
  • Essbase only cares that it is an XML file


(Note 1: You will likely need to click on the image to see the detail…it’s a small screenshot.)

(Note 2: I am only showing the top of the XML file…the other reference to “linked” is at the bottom.)

So, I figured, why not try?

The first thing I did was change “linked” to “transparent” at the top and bottom of the XML file. I also changed the name of the Target database since I was using multiple ones to test. Saved the file as a new XML file. And…that’s it.

Did it work?


It was that easy.

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