Essbase Error 1080056 – Transaction Control Table Full

What DBA enjoys waking up on a Friday morning after an extremely rough travel night to a corrupted database?

I logged onto Smart View this morning in Excel to check on some numbers in Essbase and got an error – Essbase Error 1080056 (Transaction Control Table Full).  Huh?  I’ve never seen that error before.  So, I thought it could be a bad VPN connection, so I logged out of SV and tried again.  Same error.  Hmmm.  I log onto the server to see my PAG and IND files blown out to about 50GB, when they are normally around 4GB total.  Crap.

I next tried to restart the application in EAS and the application would not start.  Oh no.  Time to employ Google help.  However, when I did a search on the error, this lovely screen showed:

Guess I’ll be figuring this one out myself.  I tried a few more searches with keywords from the error, but nothing came up matching my issue.  Luckily, we do backups each night of data and although because of this database corruption, we were not able to do a backup last night.  So I grabbed the files from 2 nights ago and started the restoration process.  I deleted the .ind, .pag, .tct and .esm files, started the application back up, reloaded the data and did a test retrieve in SV…and it worked.  
SO!  If you ever get this error, perform a database restore and you should be back in business from – at least – the most recent backup.

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