OAC Analysis Column HTML Content and Custom URL Description

I’ve been building out an internal tool for the past few days and today I wanted to display a column that had URL/HTML/download links for some PDFs, PowerPoints, etc that I uploaded to OCI Object Storage and created a Pre-Authenticated Request (PAR) for access. I loaded everything into a table in my ADW instance as follows:

Next, I wanted to take this URL column and display it in an OAC Analysis, but without the really long PAR link.

The process in OAC is a bit different than OBIEE, so I wanted to document it here for reference.

The first thing you need to do is go to your Console from the homepage and choose “System Settings”. Within System Settings, go to the Security settings. There is a toggle to “Allow HTML/JavaScript/CSS Content”. Turn this on.

This will require a restart of the OBI Presentation Server (~2 minutes) to take effect.

Next you will want to make sure the column is set up as a HTML column in the Data Format settings. Since I wanted a custom link text instead of the really long URL, I replaced the link with the word “Link”:

After setting it to HTML you need to tell OAC that the column contains HTML. In the Edit Formula option, check the box for “Contains HTML/JavaScript/CSS Markup”.

Once all these are done (and provided you have access to enable and create HTML content via Administration -> Manage Privileges), you can now have a clean analysis with active HTML links:

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