Essbase 19c Error Using LCM Utility

Last week I was working with a customer to migrate an Essbase cube from 11g to 19c. He was using the LCM Export Utility that is included in 19c, but was getting this error:

Error Messages: 1.No planning project found in import.xml.;

Information Messages: The configured temporary directory is [/u01/tmp]. The directory for export/import operations is [/u01/tmp/3z2g7r9p] Found ZIP format exported using EPM Automate tool.

A couple things were puzzling as (1) this was a pure Essbase cube (Hyperion Planning was not even installed at the customer) and (2) EPM Automate was not used since it, most definitely, was not an EPM SaaS export.

After talking with PM and finding out they had not seen this error before, it was suggested to ask if the cube had been reformatted to Unicode mode. It had not been done prior to running the LCM Utility export, but we could add the option from the LCM Utility command line.

Once the customer added -converttoutf8 to the end of the export script, he was able to import it successfully:

EssbaseLCM export -server ServerName:1423 -user EssAdmin -password -EssPassword -application AppName -zipFile –converttoutf8

One comment

  1. Yeah, gotta be careful with Unicode moving to 19c or 21c. I remember 19c stopping me from importing non-Unicode but 21c didn’t stop me and I ended up having lots of problems. Best bet is to always make an app Unicode before running LCM export I think.

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