Utilizing Presentation Variables in OAC

This is another post brought on by a question from a customer-friend.

Can we use 1 prompt to filter data amongst different data sources and pages? YES!

A simple example…

I have the same data in an Essbase cube, MonthlyFinancials. I have a relational table in ADW called FINANCIALS. I want a dashboard prompt to filter for Year and Period.

The first thing to do is create a Dashboard Prompt.

The key here will be to give your Presentation Variable a name to be referenced in the other Analyses to be created.

Next, create your analysis to your first data source. Create a filter for your first variable. Under “Add More Options”, choose “Presentation Variable”.

Enter the variable name in the “Variable Expr” field.

Do the same for the other variables.

Finished product:

Next, create the same filters for the other data source(s):

Build a dashboard and add the Dashboard Prompt and 2 analyses.

In the “Financials Prompts” ‘xyz’, make sure that the Scope is set to Dashboard (this will be for ALL tabs in a dashboard) and not Page (unless you want the same prompt or different prompts on different tabs in the dashboard).

When you run the dashboard, you can now share the Dashboard Prompt variables.

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