Posting Data Visualization Projects to LinkedIn

With the new 5.3 release of OAC, there is an option to post visualizations to various social media sites. I’m going to walk through the steps to post to LinkedIn (since Slack is internal to Oracle and I deleted my Twitter account).

First, you will need to create a LinkedIn app via the LinkedIn Developers website:

Once there, click “Create app”.

Give your app a name and link it to your company (or “company” page if you want to make your own, personal, “company” or page).

Once you have created your app, you will need to verify your page. Go through that process and when you are done, you will have your LinkedIn app.

In DV, choose “Console” then “Social”.

From your LinkedIn app “Auth” page, copy your Client ID and Client Secret.

Choose “LinkedIn” from the Service options, choose “Active” for the Status, and enter the LinkedIn app name, Client ID, and Client Secret from the previous step.

Copy the Redirect URL to the clipboard and click “Update”.

In the same LinkedIn “Auth” tab, paste the Redirect URL and click “Update”.

Now in your DV project when you click “Share”, you will have an option to share to LinkedIn.

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