Oracle BI Public Store – DVD Plugins

I’ve mentioned it a few times, but has anyone been out to the Oracle BI Public Store recently?

I visit the site – at least – weekly and was pleasantly surprised when I visited it today and saw many new plugins available! The one that really caught my eye was the one called “Row Expander Viz Plugin”.

Coming from an EPM background, I am drawn to most things hierarchical. This is one area I have been waiting for Data Visualization to take off, and it’s starting to root! The post will go through the steps to implement the Row Expander plugin and how you can use Data Wrangling (the Prepare tab in DVD) to create a drillable data visualization.

From the link listed above, click on “Row Expander Viz Plugin”. The following screen will show:

Click “Click here to Download” and you will be shown the following screen:

Click on the down arrow to download the zipped file.

Cut and paste the zipped file to your equivalent of: C:\Users\szumbrum\AppData\Local\DVDesktop\plugins

Note! If you do not have the “plugins” folder, simply create it and DVD will handle the rest!

If you want to download more plugins, they all go in this folder.

When you open DVD, you will see your downloaded plugins in the visualization option locations:

I have a simple transactions data set with the following data elements. I want to build out a hierarchy of Year, Quarter, Month, and Day based off Transaction Date.

I can use Data Wrangling (the Prepare tab) to extract out the date items I want. To do this, click on the vertical ellipses next to the Transaction Date column and select the column you want generated.

I have renamed the columns below:

When I drag and drop the data elements to the canvas, I am given a horizontal bar chart as my visualization chosen by the tool.

Choose the Row Expander visualization from the list:

I now see the data elements in the visualization.

When I add Quarter, Month, and Day (in order!) to the visualization, the expandable rows show!

BONUS! For even more plugin fun, I have used Transaction Date and Amount in the Calendar Heatmap visualization. Cool, huh?! No special work needed or coding skills!

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