Data Visualization Desktop: Did You Know? #1

I’m going to admit…I found this one by accident.

Let’s say you have a visualization that you want to export to send to someone else. My example is called “Trend/Reference Example” (that will be another blog post soon…). The data I used for this visualization is the sample data included in the initial download of Data Visualization Desktop.

I can choose to export the visualization by clicking on the Settings icon and choosing “Export…”.

I can choose to include the data in the export. If I do this, I will be required to enter a password for the file. If I choose not to include the data and essentially send screenshots, I am not required to enter a password. Click “Save”.

You will be asked where you want to save the visualization (.dva file).

Here’s what I found out by accident…

If you right-click on the file and choose to extract the files…

When you open the folder, you can see its contents:

If you open the datasets -> 1 folder, you will find the data:

You can also browse through the other folders to see the contents of the export. Something small but interesting. To me, at least!

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