Quick Post: Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio “Run-time error 429”

After installing Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio on my client’s laptop, I tested out my install connection. When I clicked on the program from my Start menu, I got an error that said, “Run-time error 429”. What?

The solution ended up being an easy one…in your C:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\products\FinancialReportingStudio\products\financialreporting\install\bin folder is a Windows command script called “HRRunAnt”. Double-click that baby, let it run and, voila, HFR will work!

So what does this command script do? Well, it sets the Ant home, the Java home and adds to the PATH environment variable for HFR, Java and Ant (bin directories, at least). Essentially, telling ET where to phone home.

…Now you curious ones may be wondering what Ant is… It is a Java-based tool used for building Java products. No need to go in deeper than that!


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