Gearing Up for Kscope! …And You Should, Too!

I’ve been spending the past couple weeks focused on preparing my 2 co-presentations for Kscope. I’m really excited about both of them and my 3rd year presenting at this wonderful conference (yes I am biased; but, yes it’s true). With less than 6 weeks to go (um, yes, it’s that soon!), here are some things that I want to let you know…

  1. The abstracts this year were the best I’ve seen. The abstract selection committees spent hours (seriously) pouring over each one and, often times, agonizing over which abstracts to select and which ones barely missed the cut. There are even some speakers coming out of the years-long woodwork to speak in Hollywood (including one of my co-presenters)!
  2. The conference & hotel facilities are the best I’ve seen. The setup is perfect for the Kscope conference and all the mingling we tend to do at Kscope. You will not be disappointed! I even have it on good word that the food is fantastic…even for us celiacs!
  3. The best Essbase presentation will be made by me and Bryan Bain of Real Sports Analytics. Okay, that’s presumptuous of me, but I’m confident it is going to be awesome. Bryan has an Essbase database geared towards Fantasy Football and I have one geared towards endurance sports training with my own real, live data from the past 6 months. Why always have an Essbase database geared towards finance and operations? Why not put your skills towards your passion? You might even teach yourself something in the process. But I’m not going to give away too much…
  4. The best EPM Reporting presentation will be made by me and Courtney Foster, also of interRel Consulting. Okay, another presumptuous and shameless plug. We are collecting some common, not so common and completely absurd reporting requirements we have heard over the years and will discuss the best reporting option for the type of report and data being presented. At the end, one of us will lose and will walk away with clothes not as clean or dry as when we started… Think dunk tank, green slime, rotten tomatoes or something to that effect.
  5. Be a part of the best conference for EPM people in the world. And I don’t feel even slightly presumptuous about that statement. If you are an EPM’er, the abstracts this year should blow you away. Want proof? Here is the link.
  6. Come hang out with me! We can talk shop during the day and let go at night. If you are a reader and are going to be at Kscope, leave me a comment and hopefully we can meetup at the Wednesday Night Event or beforehand.

Let the countdown begin – 6 weeks and counting!


  1. Sorry to disappoint you but the best presentation will be my presentation on “I didn’t know I could do that in Essbase” is has a wide audience while your presentation focuses on the sports and fitness minded 🙂
    The mud slinging begins

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