#Goal412 Update and #Kscope15. Together. …Whaaaa?

No April Fools Joke, here! I have alluded to the fact that I am tracking my April 12th goals in an Essbase database. However, what I don’t think I have explicitly stated is that this database will be presented at Kscope15 this year in Hollywood, FL. I don’t want to give away all my dimensionality and calcs just yet, but I do want to give hints.

But, first…the numbers for March:


The March numbers come with a caveat – I spent the better part of a week sick with a sinus infection then got food poisoning for a couple days at the end of the month. Oh what could have been for calories eaten and calories burned! April will be fun to share…

The “goal” culminates in just 11 days with the Raleigh Rock ‘N Roll Marathon on April 12th. I want you to cheer me on! I will have my Pebble, so I will see all encouragement notes from Twitter and Facebook. Please encourage me!

Also, I will give a full update with more dimension details after the race… This will be fun for me to see! Some things to look forward to: VO2 max changes, fat/lean mass changes, nutrient consumption, etc. Will be fun to see!

Also, I am still short of my goal for The V Foundation – please help me reach my goal! Link is below:



Kscope15…if you are interested in seeing the full database, MAKE SURE YOU GO TO KSCOPE15! Use code IRC at checkout to save $100!! This will be one of my sessions and I cannot wait to share it!

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