ODTUG’s Leadership Program

Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t just join a group.  I like to be in the leadership.  Not from a controlling way, but from an involvement way.  If a group hits on (or helps me find) things I am passionate about, I jump in head first.

A year ago I was selected to join ODTUG’s inaugural Leadership Program.  Billed as a program to develop and study leadership, I was hooked.  I have studied leadership and leadership styles in high school, college and the Air Force.  Having the opportunity to study leadership with a technically-based organization truly piqued my interest and had me from “apply”.  Each month, we studied a different aspect of leadership, our experience with leadership styles and how to challenge leadership status quos.  I thought I had a good grasp on leadership, but realized I could push myself more.  And I realized that I had 100% support from ODTUG’s board, which was worth their weight in gold as far as confidence goes.  We had quite a few responsibilities at Kscope 13, but the people I met and what I learned about putting on a large conference were worth every minute of sleep I lost. 🙂  I have graduated from this program with new friends and mentors that I DO turn to for advice, a laugh and encouragement.  And I can promise that the current leadership and past leadership program graduates will keep the same standard.  I promise you that.

Click here for the link to apply to this wonderful opportunity.

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